Caterpillars Group: ages 6 weeks - 2yrs

The aim for the Caterpillars Group is for the general care of each child, to offer them a calm, loving, safe and happy environment. With our babies we follow their individual routines and try to keep it as close to their home routine as possible.

All information about the babies is recorded in their own diary so parents know all their sleep, food, bottle and change times and all the activities they have taken part in that day. This diary is also used as a communication book between you (the parents) and us the nursery. Any messages you have for us can go in the diary.

We also encourage the development of the children's language by talking, singing and reading stories. Physical skills are encouraged by using soft play, tunnels and tents and big cars and bikes and fine motor skills. During the summer months we go for regular walks around the local area and with the older children to the local park.

Finer motor skills are encouraged by jigsaws, shape sorters and also by carrying out messy/creative activities.

The older children have more of a set time when it comes to meals and sleep, but this is flexible, so if a child needs an earlier sleep this is possible. Nappies are checked on a regular basis and changed when needed.

The older children do not have diaries but all information is passed on verbally.

Each child will have their own peg, cot, sheet and basket which are for their nappies                                                                                                                                                                                              

Butterflies : ages  2-- 2 1/2   years

. During their time in all this area the children are given many play opportunities and experiences.

Our daily activities include:

We also have some simple symbols on cards called widgets that we use each day to help the children to gain confidence to communicate.

We employ 5 members of staff between these three areas that care for the children on a daily basis.


       Lower Pre-School- 2-3yrs          

In this group we continue following the children's interests through observation and listening to their play 'conversations'.

The children enjoy all of the activies as in Butterflies and we extend these by adding other concepts to their play and discussions. The children also enjoy choosing a variety of activities inside and  in our garden.               


       Pre School Group

The basic aims in the Pre School room are to prepare the children for school by providing a happy, healthy environment in which to help and encourage them to develop their own skills, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectual.

We are Ofsted inspected.

Our staffs have been committed to following all Birmingham's training in this area over the last 3 years.
We have a team of 2 people in the Pre School area - 2 nursery officers, one of whom who is also the Pre School Coordinator.

All of theses activities are achieved through our new planning system planning in the moment where we will support children to achieve their next steps in activities they choose to play with.

   The children get to know all of our staff within the setting so they are happy, safe and achieving through out the nursery.