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Dates for your diary September 2017- August 18


Dates for your diary September 2018- August 19




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Monday 3rd   September

Start of new term


Wednesdays 26th September 

Caterpillars workshop and parent/carer meetings- 930-1030

All parents/carers welcome










Fri 19th  October

Grant children break up for 2 wks


w/c 24 October and 29th  October

I/2 term 2 weeks

Grant children (15 hours only) not in for 2 weeks

Mon 5th November

Grant children return
Downstairs Workshop


Monday 7th December  upper preschool Concert 9.30-10.30




thursday  13th December

Fun and games and Christmas Jumper Day


thu 20th  December

Party afternoon and Fancy Dress


Friday 21st  December

Christmas Lunch and close for Christmas

Grant children break up


w/c 24th December and w/c 31st dec

½ term

Grant children (15 hours only) not in for 2 weeks

tuesday 25th December –tuesday 1st January 2018

Nursery closed


 wednesday  2nd January 18

Nursery re-opens 7.30



Monday 7th January 18 Grant children return  

Friday 31st  January

Caterpillars workshop and parent/carer meetings- 930-1030

All parents/carers welcome




Thursday 14th  February 

Downstairs workshop and parent/carer meetings 930-1030

All parents/carers welcome

Friday 15th  February

Grant children break up


w/c 18th February

I/2 term 1 week

Grant children (15 hours only) not in for 1 week

Monday 25th  February

Grant children return


Thursday 28th feb

downstairs workshop and parent/carer meetings 930-1030

All parents/carers welcome

friday 12th april

Grant children break up.

Grant children (15 hours only) not in for 2 weeks

Friday 19th april

Good Friday bank hol

Nursery closed

Monday 22nd April

Easter Monday

Nursery closed

Wednesday 17th April TBC



Monday 29th   April

Grant children return


Monday 6th  May

May day

Nursery closed

Friday 24th  May

Grant children break up


w/c 27th  May

I/2 term 1 week

Grant children (15 hours only) not in for 1 week

Monday 27th  May

Bank holiday

Nursery closed

Monday 3rd  June

Grant children return


Thursday  6th June

Caterpillars workshop and parent/carer meetings- 930-1030

All parents/carers welcome

wc  24th June

end of year trip

All parents/carers welcome







Wed 3rd  July TBC

Graduation photos


Fri 19th  July

Grant children graduation


Friday 19th July

Grant children finish for the summer


Friday 26th July

Full time children graduation

6.00- 7.00 grant children break up

Monday 26th  August

Bank holiday

Nursery closed

Friday 30th August

All school leavers finish


Monday 2nd   September

New term starts




Biting Honey Bears Nursery Guide

In our experience, biting takes place throughout Nursery life as children grow and develop and learn how to express themselves. It is never a pre-meditated or spiteful act. It is a way of children struggling to learn new skills, understand limits, being able to communicate and gain control of their emotions. It can happen when children are over-excited, upset, angry or frustrated or for no apparent reason. Sometimes it is to gain attention.

However a child must learn it is unacceptable behavior.

As a nursery it is our policy to include all children and not exclude a child who is biting, but to find ways to make sure the child in question has fewer chances to repeat this behaviour. We do this in a variety of ways:

We will also request a meeting with parents/carers to discuss any issues that may be causing the child to bite and actions will be agreed. If a child does bite they will be given time out (age appropriate) or removed from the activity they are doing and be made aware they have done wrong. The child who has been bitten will be given attention straight away and the biter will be ignored.

Helpful hints for parents of a biter

Please do not despair if your child is biting - remember they will grow out of this phase and will quickly learn this is not the way to make friends and get attention.

If your child is being bitten please remember the staff will do all they possibly can to protect your child from further harm.

Please remember biting is a reaction not a thought.

If you wish to discuss any of the issues raised in this guide please feel free to speak to your child's key worker or a member of the management team.

Bullet Points For Some Policies and Procedures


SEN (Special Educational Needs) Policy

Behaviour Policy

Complaints Policy

Children With English as an Additional Language

As a setting we have lots of children who have English as an additional language. To help them settle we do the following:

How we achieve Racial Harmony and Build Self Esteem

Parents/Carers being aware of Agreements for Meals and Snacks

Some parents/carers were not aware they can have a say in what their children eat within the setting and how to do this. We agree with parents/carers the above by-

If there are any of the above the parents/carers and key person or manager discuss the matter and a dietary need form is completed. The cook and staff are informed and alternative meals are offered.

We are a healthy setting so this would not include giving crisps, chocolate, sweets etc except on special occasions such as birthdays.

Parents/Carers having a say in Planning, Assessment and Record Keeping

This will be done through using the on-line learning journeys where parents/carers can see each time a photograph, video or comment is put on by their child's key person. Parents/carers can also add photographs, video's and comments. During Workshops and parent/carer meetings staff will then show you on your child's base lining where they are developmentally and their next steps.

Links to Home and the Community

Some parents/carers were unsure about our links to the home and to our surrounding community. We have built strong links with:

We hope the above has been helpful to you.

Full policies and procedures are available on request.

Please feel free to comment on any of the above, we look forward to your feed back.


Honey Bears Day Nursery

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0121 382 4355

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