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Honey Bears Nurseries and Out of School Clubs

60-62 Station Road
Birmingham B23 6UE

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 Honey Bears received an Outstanding Rating in their OFSTED inspection carried out September 2013

 Honey Bears is OFSTED registered and has been providing child care for children aged 0-5 years for 31 years

Honey Bears believe that children from a very young age should have the opportunity to mix with their peers and learn about different races, cultures, religions, languages and differing abilities

 Honey Bears provides funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds


Monday to Friday – 51 weeks
Funded and Fee paying Nursery Places

9 month old E.E.E. Funding – 15 hours (Working Parents from September 24)
2 year olds – E.E.E. Funding – 15 hours (Disadvantaged and Working Parents)
3 & 4 year olds – E.E.E. Funding – 15 & 30 hours
Full time and part time fee paying places

Admission process

To secure a nursery place a deposit of £25.00 per child is required


Full Time £250.00/week
4 days £200.00/week
3 days £168.00/week
2 days £112.00/week
1 day £56.00/week
The above rates are for attendance of over 6 hours per day
4 hour session £30.00/day £150.00/week
6 hour session £40.00/day £200.00/week
Babies and Toddlers (Caterpillars Group)
ages 6 weeks – 2 years

Our Baby and toddler area has children aged up to 2 two years old.

We have a roof garden where the babies and toddlers can play outside in a safe environment. In the summer months we leave the door open to allow children to be able to choose between the indoor or outdoor area.

Our nursery carries out in the moment planning which is all about seizing the moment for children to progress. Based on what the children are already deeply involved in, this way of planning relies on skilled practitioners using quality interactions to draw out the children’s knowledge and build on it there and then (in the moment).

We use an online learning journey system called tapestry where we upload pictures of your children development which is linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We also encourage our parents to upload pictures at home so we can build a bigger portfolio of their development.

Parents are requested to provide formula milk or expressed milk for their child if it is required. We prepare each formula feed from fresh, which is following the current advice given by health visitors. Please ensure that all bottles, cups and personal items brought into nursery are clearly named.

Daily information sheets are completed and sent home at the end of each day for the babies. This information for parents includes sleep times, meals and snacks, drinks and nappy changes.

Butterflies Group
ages 22 months – 32 months

Our Butterflies group has children aged from 22 months- 32 months old and work very closely with the lower preschool group.

We have a music man that visits our downstairs area every Friday. The children really enjoy this session using a variety of musical instruments and singing and dancing around to a variety of songs. If children do not want to join in they have the option of using another room.

Our Butterflies group enjoy lots of messy activities such as painting, custard play, sticking, water play, glupe and pasta play plus much more.

Some children may be ready for potty training in this area. If you feel your child is ready, you can speak to your Childs key worker who will support you through this stage of learning.

Our butterflies group have lots of energy so we have a variety of physical equipment in the room daily which can include soft play cars and bikes or singing and dancing activities using our musical instruments.

Lower Preschool
ages 2 half years- 3 years

This area is free flow with the preschool area from 9am till 11.00pm every morning.

The children in this area really enjoy our play dough station. We encourage children to make their own play dough where they talk about quantities and the different ingredients they are using.

We provide lots of messy play activities in this room such as junk modelling, painting with different equipment and materials, custard play, mud painting, sticking, gluing, cutting etc.

We are a start well setting which is all about healthy eating and physical activity. We are currently working towards our level 2 award, where we follow a certain criteria daily. For more information please ask a member of staff you can also find information about this on our start well boards around our setting.

Preschool Area
ages 3 – 5 years

In the preschool area we fully prepare children for school and we are confident that by the time they leave our setting they will be school ready. As the time approaches for your child to transfer to school we invite your child’s new teachers to our setting to pass on all relevant information regarding your Childs development and individual needs. We also complete a transition document for you and there new school to keep.

Each year our preschool group deliver a Christmas concert for you all to enjoy.

At the end of the year when all children are leaving us for school the children will graduate from our preschool in our graduation ceremony.

Children will learn numbers, letters, measurements, how to write their name, social, physical skills and about the world they live in through a variety of activities of their choice because every child is an individual and learn in their own way.

The preschool group have a football coach that attends every Tuesday where he carries out a variety of sessions to teach them some basic football skills. The children then take part in an awards ceremony every month.


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