Hi all we are delighted to announce we have started the curiosity accreditation scheme, where we are working towards creating beautiful play spaces and lots of learning opportunities for our curious children.

We will be introducing lots of loose parts and authentic materials to provide children with a variety of learning opportunities.

If you have any old ornaments, ties, crockery, scarf’s, sunglasses, hats, clogs, watches, jewellery boxes, jam jars, drain pipes, cable reels, conkers, feathers, cardboard tubes, guttering, picnic baskets, photo frames, costume jewellery, fairy lights, stones, shells etc that you no longer need please bring them in for us to create amazing play spaces for our little learners.

Our main goal is to provide a happy safe and stimulating environment for your children to learn and develop in.

We look forward to creating this amazing environment with the help of your selves.

Thank you
Honey Bears